Thursday, May 26, 2011

LIVE! From Canada...

WOW! It has been SO long since I have attempted to blog. I must admit that getting used to this new life has left me at a loss of where to begin my "Canadian" blogging life. But as my dear friend and mama, Cristina Curci, reminded (guilted/nagged) me, "You do realize that this is like the BEST time to blog considering we all want to know what you're up to?? RIGHT???" To which I replied, "GOT IT"...and so here it is. I'm BACK!

So life with my Canadian in Toronto has turned out to be absolutely wonderful. I mean, I knew it would be, but there's always an ounce of question when you take such a risk, so I'm very happy to say that I am extremely happy (however, don't think for a minute, that I don't still miss my friends like CRAZY!!!). There have definitely been some highs and lows: me crying in the middle of the Eaton Centre about cell phone plans, me crying due to a "group of hoodlums on the bus", and me crying about spilt milk. Not really about spilt milk, but it's basically to prove that I completely admit that I was crying a lot for awhile there (if any of you know me, this is completely not surprising at all. See: ). But now that I have officially been here for over a month, I believe I've gotten in the *Canadian rhythm*...besides, I've now officially celebrated Victoria Day, so that makes me official, right??

All jokes aside, I decided my first post would be something educational. Something that will answer many questions that have come from my *friends from the states*..."WHY BAGGED MILK?!?" This is not just a joke from 30 Rock. Here, they actually serve milk in bags. When I first visited, I thought it was just something weird that my Canadian chose to do...but alas, you visit Starbucks and BAM, there's some milk in a bag. So I've done a photo demonstration of how this works. Because, I must say, I'm definitely a fan of bagged milk now. Just sayin'.

Step 1:  Get bag of milk and milk pitcher out.
Step 2: Place bag in pitcher and bang on counter a few times. (Not sure why, but my Canadian says to, so I do).

Step 3: Cut small hole in corner of bag.
Step 4: Pour and enjoy!
Are you all jealous now?!? I bet. I promise to keep up with this thing and keep you all in the loop!!!