Friday, June 3, 2011

“WOWZA, 38 years”*

38 years ago, they met in Pennsylvania on a blind date. Her college roommate had recently started dating a med student at Penn St. and wanted to set her up with his good friend and roommate. They instantly hit it off and began dating. 3 years later, sans engagement ring, she took a chance and moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan with him (which was VERY rare back then). This is where he would do his residency, she would get her Masters degree and they would start their life together. A small town cheerleader never knew she’d find her match on a blind date, but apparently one’s future can never be too predictable.

Yesterday marked my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary. I’m gonna be honest. Each year, June 2nd seems to come and go, and yes, I send a text and/or a card to both parents wishing them a Happy Anniversary and inquire where they will be dining at night, etc; however, I never have really sat and thought about what this annual landmark truly means.

Perhaps it’s because more and more of my friends are getting married, or perhaps it’s because I’m now living with the man I believe I will someday marry (no pressure, buddy ;-), but I laid in bed last night considering what a gigantic blessing my parents are – not only to all of us kids, but also to one another.

I owe so much to each one of my parents, and I’ve always considered them somewhat separate entities in that aspect. For example: I believe that my mother gives me my outgoing, energetic personality while my father gives me my strategic and calm way of thinking through everyday situations. However, when you’ve been with someone for so long, as they have, it’s only obvious that you become a ying and yang, of sorts, with one another. They compliment each other so well, and I know that’s what I’ve always strived for in my relationships (and what I believe I’ve found with the Canadian). This is not to say the past 38 years have been easy, and I’m sure I haven’t even been privy to HALF of their trials and tribulations; however, to love someone so much and create such a loving partnership with another person is just somewhat incredible to me, once you really sit down and think about it.

So this is a love letter to my parents, for continuously being great role models to us all in both love and life. Here’s to many, MANY more happy years ahead (and a killer 40th celebration!!) <3

 *My mom’s text response to my well wishes yesterday…thus, why I adore her.

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