Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Attention men:

If you are ever dating a girl, for just a few weeks and it's still pretty *new*, but Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and you wanna do something, but you don't want to scare the poor girl away...copy this idea and run with it...seriously, do. It'll gain you points with your new lady friend as well as her roommate(s). 

Buy her flowers, deliver the flowers yourself (because I'm pretty sure the person on the phone taking this card message down may not be able to contain his/her laughter) and hand write this exact phrase in a card.
Funny, non-committal, not overly sappy. All in all, a perfect blend of thoughtful but not over-the-top. Well played, "Buddy", well played. 

(If you haven't guessed already, my lovely Roomie got a gorgeous tulip bouquet hand delivered to her last night and this is the card her admirer, who shall remain nameless at this point, included with it. We both sat and laughed about the card for a solid 10 minutes afterward). 

Sorry, boys, I'm sure this *advice* would have been better a few weeks ago...but, there's always next year, right?! xoxo


  1. OMG. I wish mark would have used this. And we've been together for a ridiculously long time.

  2. Hahahahaha. I know. It's insanely cute!

  3. He is REALLY a clever guy. Points with the girl but more importantly points with the girls-friends.