Friday, February 18, 2011

Cry Baby.

Hi, I'm Kristin, and I'm a crier. (Dana tells me that admitting is the first step to perhaps this will help ;-).

So our office is a pretty different "work environment" than most. We're all pretty much the same age, we all have friendships with co-workers outside of the office and we typically have rousing lunchtime conversations that either lead to discussing poop/vomit or embarrassing/personal topics that most would not discuss with their co-workers. 

Anyway, the other day the topic of crying came up, and it proved to be very interesting to see the contrasts amongst everyone, particularly amongst the girls. For example, my lovely friend Kim, NEVER cries (Not even when Homeward Bound was brought up). While Tina, well she is my "crying soul mate", she pretty much cries as much as I do, and I love her for that. 
My "crying soul mate". No tears here though...but there may have been later that night :-/

Here are some pretty humorous quotes from this convo:

"Last time I cried? Toy Story 3, for sure." ~Keenan

"Oh yeah, I cry at least 3 times a week. Derek hates it. Remember when I cried cause you forgot my burrito, Kristin?" ~Tina

"I BAWLED at the Friends finale." ~Me (and Tina agreed)

"I can't watch an animal movie without crying. Marley and Me? Forget about it!" ~Ben

Now, I must say, I cry for numerous reasons. Sometimes I have happy tears, angry tears, lonely tears and sometimes sad tears. I want to believe it's because I'm a "sensitive soul", but I kinda think it's because I'm a big baby, too. I must give credit to the Canadian, because he *deals* with my tears on a pretty consistent basis, for which I am truly grateful for and love him even more for (though I'm pretty sure he has numerously said, "I don't really know how seriously I'm supposed to take your crying anymore, since you do it all. the. time.") UH-OH, That's. Not. Good.

The point of all of this, is that I'll be crying A LOT come Saturday. I'm unfortunately parting ways with one of my lovely kitties, Alfie. For those of you who have heard my MANY stories about the trials and tribulations with this cat, may understand, and I really think I've held out longer than most would have. However, his love and company will definitely be missed, but his poor behavior (and bathroom issues) surely will not. I'm giving him to a no-kill shelter here in SF. It's really for the best and I need to keep telling myself..."Animals are not human. Animals do not feel human emotions." The shelter is great, it's actually where I got him from 6 years ago, so I'm just hoping a nice family or elderly person will fall in love with him and give him another great/loving 6+ years in their home.
Love this little guy.
Luckily my Roomie and friend Nicki are taking him for me, because I'm pretty sure the shelter does not need another blubbering idiot in the vicinity. But I'm positive that I'll be stocking up on tissues and placing numerous calls in to my mother and the Canadian throughout the day :-( 

Sorry to be such a Downer Debbie on a FRIDAY!!! Hope you all have a lovely long weekend!!! Today marks one week of *clean* eating for me...WOO-HOO!!!



  1. And then later that day or the next day I made you cry at your desk. SCHO SCHORRY.

  2. Why?! Why are you giving him up?!

  3. Correct, Cristina (weirrrrrd that I just called you by your full name).

    Mere: his habit of pooing on my bed was just getting out of hand. Seriously, this little one needs to be with someone who is home constantly and able to give him a ton of attention. I had a breakdown on Super Bowl Sunday morning, it was my breaking point. I already had a total breakdown to Mitch on the phone tonight about the whole situation, so who knows what tomorrow holds. Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wish me luck!! xoxo

  4. I'm more excited at the fact that you "BALL" at sad things.