Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday...Newbie Edition!

This is my very first "What I'm Loving..." post! Once again I'm taking the lead from my blogging guru, Miss V, and linking up with Jamie :-)

This week will be very simple to choose a handful of items that I'm loving because I'm officially in "countdown" mode for my trip back to the Midwest next week for my little brother's wedding weekend. The Canadian and I have decided to make it a long weekend for both of us to enjoy so I have a LOT to look forward to...

1. Though obvious, it must be said, I'm LOVING the fact that I get to see my lovely Canadian very soon. Each time apart seems longer and longer (which is funny, cause it's actually become shorter and shorter) it will be great to hug the crap out of him in the airport.
Self-portrait during our camping adventure in Canada, late Summer 2010
2. Which brings me to this...I'm loving that the Canadian finally gets to meet the rest of the fam. He has met my parents and my little bro, but has yet to meet my two older brothers, who mean the absolute world to me. I know he'll love them, I know they'll love him, so I'm just excitedly anxious to spend time with them all together!!
Love these two.
3. Speaking of all together...another huge aspect of my life that still resides in Chicago (or some surrounding areas) are my *sisters*!!! <insert: annoying sorority joke here>. Trust me, I NEVER believed I'd become one of THOSE girls in college, but I did and I would never have met these lifelong friends had I YAY for good decision making :-) Anyway, I will be bumping into these crazy girls at some point over the weekend, too, which makes my stomach gurgle with excitement!!

Lake Tahoe, Summer 2010
4. I'm absolutely in LOVE with Adele's new album. My little friend Olga gifted me this today and it has made my work day so much more enjoyable <3

5. Last, but certainly NOT least, I'm loving that I get to hold/love/spoil/smother/etc my little niece next weekend. For those of you who know me outside of the blogging world, this child is my whole world. It brings me to tears (see: "Cry Baby") just thinking of how much she means to me and I just cannot wait to see her so soon....oh, and yes, she's a mini version of me.
Michelle and me, Christmas 2010
Had to include because it makes my heart melt...The Canadian bonding with Michelle, Christmas 2010
I'm loving a lot of things in my life right now, so this is obviously just a snapshot for the time being. Sorry for being an MIA Blogger as of late...the long weekend threw me all out of whack!!



  1. Seriously that last photo makes me melt. Love it lady xoxo

  2. Ahhhh I am loving that we blog. I am also loving that I have gotten to know you better these past few months. lkajdsflajie <---- that's my word version of happy tears. Yay for blogging, yay for girlfriends, and yay for ADELE (I love her too...everything she's done is amazeballs.)

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh...I'm loving BOTH of you!!! Also loving the fact that you're both nice enough that you didn't call me out on my horrific spelling error in the title of this post...GOT IT, 'ADDITION'!!! (Teach Graham, I was afraid you were gonna call me out on that ;-) xoxo