Monday, February 14, 2011

“My ___________ Valentine”

So, it’s obviously Valentine’s Day, which means our office has been flooded with flower deliveries and girls chatting about their plans tonight. Now, I’m not *anti* V-day, but I’m also a big believer in not putting huge expectations on one specific day to show your loved one how much you care.

Case in point, The Canadian and I decided not to do gifts this year because we’re going to my little brother’s wedding in a few weeks, so we’ll celebrate then…but then I get this little nugget in the mail over the weekend, which made my stomach churn with happiness. He sent me a lovely card and this engraved keychain, holding copies of his apartment keys. It was a very heartfelt, thoughtful symbol to prove how serious he is in wanting me to move in with him. *swoon*

The title of this post is obviously a nod to the great Frank Sinatra, but also sums up my feelings for my Canadian. At first I was going to use Sinatra’s direct quote, “funny” included, since The Canadian makes me laugh SO hard sometimes that it makes my gut hurt. But I thought better of it because our relationship is so much more than that. I could fill this blank in with loving, caring, protective, supportive, handsome, etc. And other days I could fill it in with not-so-adoring words. But all of those things rolled into one is what makes me love him more and more each day.

In the (almost) year that I have known this kid, he’s changed my world. It sounds so cliché, but alas, it is not. He has made me happier than I’ve ever felt before and I am so lucky we both bumped into one another in that Las Vegas nightclub last April (yes, we met in Vegas…).

So this post is dedicated to you, my lovely Canadian, and luckily I don’t need to ask…you already are *mine* ;-) 


  1. umm the key chain and the keys... you are killing me that is by far the best valentines present I have ever seen. love.him. and love you.

  2. Oh I KNOW, the boy did VERY well!!! Surprising, cute, thoughtful....*sigh* And GOT IT, I only got him a card :-/