Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding...is fast approaching!!!

Ahhhhh, once again, I've been a horrible blogger lately. I've had a ton on my mind recently, so I haven't felt like I've had a clear enough brain to make much sense on here. So apologies, first and foremost, especially to you Miss Curci (Tina always keeps me on my toes about this stuff...)

Anyway, I finally caught up on the phone with my best friend Ashley Harty (soon-to-be Barnikel) on the phone on Sunday and it made my entire weekend happier. First of all, this girl is my rock. We've been best friends ever since 7th grade, and if you were anything like me, those defined the *awky* years (except, of course, of my dear friend Meaghan who claims she "peaked" in middle school).

Back to my point, Miss Ashley will be marrying the love of her life come October 15th of this year. She has graciously appointed me MOH, which is a title that I've been toting around proudly for the past several  months and throwing around in sentences to sound cool...but until this past conversation, it never seemed so real that the first love of my life will soon be a married grown-up (Ash: are you panicking yet?!?!?! ;-). Thus, I've decided to dedicate this blog post to the lovely bride-to-be with a simple Top 5 Reasons Why I Adore Ashley (and Rob)!...

1. Complete opposites. Since Day 1, Ash and I couldn't be more different. She legit takes about an hour to get ready...for bed. During sleepovers, back in the day, I'd fall asleep before she would even come to bed...and we were 12 years old. She has always tried to make me into more of a lady, and I've always tried to rough her up around the edges a bit, but I am pretty sure I have won thus far considering UNC pom-poms were incorporated in Rob's proposal.
Case in point: she wanted this picture taken near the flowers...I mocked her the entire time.

2. Rob is tall. This may seem weird to you all, but I've always yelled at Ash for constantly dating tall guys. As a 5'9" gal, I always thought it was selfish of 5'7" Ashley to *hog* the tall boys. Well, Rob is definitely very tall; however, the Canadian is gonna be able to give him a run for his money in October...so I'm thinking I'm okay with it now ;-)
Robbie is 6'6"...making Ash look like a little bumbo most times.
3. Ashley is marrying me. A few great qualities that Ash has is that she keeps things private (unless you're her close friend), she doesn't say things just for shock value and she is so smartly funny. Well, as stated above, these are all things I am not. Once I met Rob for the first time I thought, "Holy crap! This guy is me....but in male form." Much to Ash's chagrin, she had to agree. And she pretty much hates when it's the three of us cause Rob and I tend to gang up on her long getting-ready habits, her OCD tendencies, etc. Point being, she's stuck with me, even when I'm not nearby.
We had just shared a "moment" that we thought was very Bachelorette-eque.
4. Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Or something like that. Another small tidbit of Ash and my friendship is the fact that we haven't lived in the same town since we were Freshmen in high school. Our parents spoiled us and flew us back and forth (which I think was her mom's guilt for forcing her to move away ;-) for the second half of high school and most of college. This relationship has truly proved that no matter how far apart you are from someone...you can still be connected at heart. Ashley is still the first person I bounce ideas off of, call to vent to or send a silly card to.
Back in Rockford for our other middle school friend's wedding this past summer.
5. Ashley is truly one-of-a-kind. Though I've rambled on and on about this girl, there really is no word to describe her best. She is so unique and someone who I have/do/will always admire. I love her so very much and cannot wait to stand up beside her in October.
How could you NOT love this couple?!?!
This list could continue on and on...her love of Hanson, her dance moves, her hatred of when I "pick" at her, her obsession with facial products, etc...but I'll save all of that for my big MOH speech ;-) Be afraid, Ash, be very afraid!!!


**Special thanks to my little Olga for helping me *code* my blog a bit more!!! Thanks, buddy!!

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  1. Being a maid of honor is a HUGE honor!! Your friend Ashley is a lucky girl to have you by her side :) They seem like an adorable couple, and y'all look like the best of friends!