Monday, March 21, 2011

Welp, it's official!!

As some of you may (or may not) know, I’m officially making the move to Toronto to be with my Canadian. It’s such a bittersweet move for me, I’m leaving some of my closest, bestest friends behind; however, I get to make a move to be with the man I love and truly believe I will marry, sometime in the future.

Now, this won’t be one of my “sappier” blog posts (don't worry) about the move, because I’m assuming there’s plenty of time for *that*. Instead, this is a “getting excited” post.

I believe my Canadian and I have done better than anyone could have (or would have) projected us to do, given the 2,500 miles between us…and the fact that we met in VEGAS. It’s definitely the small things that I’m looking forward to and that will make all the difference between a “local relationship” as opposed to my current “long distance” relationship, which is why I’m thoroughly excited to make his house, our home.

2 examples of the small things I’m excited for:

1.     *Events*…I’ve officially booked my flight for the 16th in order to coincide with a work event that the Canadian would like me to go to with him. In our whole history, we’ve never been able to do something like this.  So, even though he claims it’s gonna be boring, I’m quite pleased with the idea of getting all dolled up with him and attending!

2.     *Home ideas*… The Canadian has a thing he does, he can just drop sentences within a conversation that probably just seem normal to him, but for some reason are earth-shatteringly adorable to me. Like, I guarantee when he suggested we start a wine journal together once I’m living there, he just thought it was our typical, daily email chatter. But it made my stomach lurch with excitement/anticipation.

Obviously there are many, MANY more things that I'm looking forward to; however, as in most relationships, small things can go a very big way, so just wanted to point a few of the "less obvious" things out.

On the flip side, one of my biggest fears of the move is due to this little lady. 
Bella has never been on a plane, much less been in her carrier for more than about 15 minutes at a time. The Canadian keeps reminding me that “she’s not the only cat to ever have traveled”, but I’m just hoping the vet may give her some good sedation medication (and possibly for me ;-).



  1. wow that's great news, finally you are going to be with your Canadian. I'm also in a long distance relationship. So i can totally relate to most of your post about your relationship. good luck on the move and I hope bella will have a great flight. lol