Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Odds and Ends.

To end this crazy, weird week...I figured the only thing that would do it justice is to post a few pics of stuff that has happened. Enjoy!
Exhibit A: Was faced with this little "gem" on my trip on BART back from the airport on Monday evening. Not only does she have a raging *shmammy moe*, but she also has her shoes off...on a public transportation vehicle...which was soon followed by picking a blister off using her train card. No wonder we are faced with articles such as this: Clean it up, lady, clean it up.
Exhibit B: After many, many months (ok, maybe even years) of procrastination, I finally sold my lovely Jetta. I've had a complete love/hate relationship with this car. I got "her" as a graduation gift from my father back in 2004. I was elated, but soon learned I'd be residing in San Francisco. After anyone and everyone telling me, "DO NOT BRING A CAR TO SAN FRANCISCO", Stubborn Stacy over here chose not to listen. So after many years of overpriced garages, backed up parking tickets and repair men *taking me for a ride*, I finally got a decent deal for it that will serve as a little *nest egg*. However, I'll never forget the many great memories that were had in this country tours = one of the favorites. 
This was our trip to Napa with my Chicago ladies, June 2009.
Exhibit C: Obviously most have heard about the horrific Tsunami that hit Japan today (thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that was hit by such a tragedy). Now, what some may have not heard about, is the fact that my mother texted and called about 7 times total at 5:30am this morning warning me to GET THE HELL OUT OF THE MARINA. Now, in true mother/daughter fashion, this instantly sent a surge of fear through me (thinking to self: "If mom is this freaked out, it must be serious!!!!!!").

Cut to:
-->Me barging into Roomie's room in sheer panic, tears in eyes
-->Roomie leaping out of bed, clamoring around, freaked cause she "has zit cream on!!"
-->We finally compose ourselves and come up with a game plan
-->Shower and get ready
-->Get into the car at 6:45am and drive to Burlingame (we were SO much safer there) for a Friday morning breakfast (aka: evacuation breakfast)

Now cut to about 2 hours later in the office, my sweet Tina telling EVERYONE that will listen about my idiocy this morning. It was a true Midwest moment in California. *sigh*
Note: the time.
Beautiful morning from the passenger side.
In other news, I'm very excited for the weekend ahead. I get to have dinner with Tina, Walker and Kim tonight. Our monthly dinners are always jam packed with good food, great wine and extraordinary gossip. Then a fun day ahead tomorrow with the lovely Ms. Favro, who will be in the city, which always creates memories (SAYYYYYY BABYYYYYYY). And last but not least, an awesome brunch planned for Sunday with the ladies. Can't wait!

Enjoy your weekends!!!


  1. OOOOOhhhhhhh the Tsunami drama would ONLY happen to you and the roomie. Wish I had been there to witness the chaos.

    Miss you.


  2. It was honestly ridiculous, Danes!! Miss you, tooooooooooo!!!


    PS: keeping you in my thoughts right now with all the teacher chaos!!! lover you!