Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ode to Miss Clark...

Hope everyone in SF is enjoying the beautiful weather we're currently having. Pretty sure my legs forgot what real sunlight felt like!! It's absolutely amazing out right now!

One of my very best friends, Katie Clark (we call her Clark), flies in tonight for a weekend o' fun!! She wanted to get out here one last time before I move to TO (less than 3 weeks!!!), so she's taking advantage of her spring break (she's a 1st grade teacher) and flying to see me! We have a fun weekend planned, which includes great restaurants, final four games and rides on cable cars (she's been wanting to do this since I moved to the city 7 years ago...we still have not done it).

It's hard to believe we've known each other for over a decade (good god we're old). We lived on the same dorm floor, we lived next door to each other in our sophomore year apartments and then we ended up pledging the same sorority. Needless to say, she knows me inside and out and I just love her to pieces. I even allow her to nuzzle with my Canadian when they're together ;-)
Typical pose by Clark and me, Chicago 2011.

Clarkie, Tara and Meg at The Pony in Chicago, Christmas 2009.

Clark drinking from the spit bowl whilst wine tasting, Napa Valley 2009. (yes, folks, we keep it classy)

Enjoy your Wednesdays everyone!!

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